Bildquellen – vielen Dank an alle Kreativen Köpfe

Das Bildmaterial auf unseren Webseiten stammt aus folgenden Quellen:
„Black Graduation Hat With Piggybank On Table“ – (c) Andrey Popov (345004247)
„lachende junge frau“ – (c) pictworks (128584257)
„Schoolmates studying together“ – (c) stokkete (126517939)
Doctor showing students the hand of a skeleton“ – (c) auremar (383142953)
„Schoolmates studying together“ – (c) stokkete (100824452)
„Doctor vaccinating young man in clinic“ – (c) Pixel-Shot (285399644)
„Female doctor working with patient in hospital room“ – (c) Pixel-Shot (355935792)
Stiftung – Holzwürfel mit Buchstaben“ – (c) Domoskanonos (126446201)
thukydides vor staatsbibliothek“ – (c) C. Schiller (20611151)
Modern Hospital Building“ – (c) Blondsteve (16040172)
„happy teenage students with school folders“ – (c) Syda Productions (82862172)
„Mature woman with doctor and son in hospital room“ – (c) Pixel-Shot (356854897)
„African American doctor man in medical uniform pointing with one finger up, looking up and smiling, I have an idea, I know the answer or the solution.“ – (c) Jihan (330336016)
„junge frau im bewerbungsgespräch“ – (c) contrastwerkstatt (100649547)
„虫眼鏡 観察 眺める 探す 発見 イメージ“ – (c) oka (186352052)
„Handsome and Smart Hispanic Man Listens to a Lecture in a Classroom Full of Multi Ethnic Students. Shallow Depth of Field.“ – (c) Gorodenkoff (206335407)
„group of hilarious doctor interns showing thumbs up“ – (c) ASDF (418206452)
„Munich center panoramic cityscape view with Old Town Hall and Heiliggeistkirche“ – (c) Maria Sbytova (191401967)
„Multi-ethnic group of cheerful students sitting at desks in lecture hall of modern college and laughing, focus on two beautiful girls in front“ – (c) Seventyfour (188169129)
„Student studying on the table“ – (c) sebra (172656350)
„Guy near airline schedule“ – (c) Sergey Furtaev (69918368)
„Medical education, people and medicine concept. Mentor with intern in the office.“ – (c) bnenin (306147249)
„Portrait of a confident doctor at work in medical office.“ – (c) bnenin (305970936)
„Technology, education, friendship and people concept – two smiling young woman with tablet pc computers sitting on a grass“ – (c) luengo_ua (124828950)
„Photo of concentrated student woman thinking while doing homework“ – (c) Drobot Dean (358052117)
„Photo two people lady handsome guy couple look up empty space doubtful situation who is right wrong wear casual denim shirts outfit clothes isolated grey color background“ – (c) deagreez (339601563)
„Uni Regensburg“ – (c) Jens Diedrich (451868341)
„News, Universitaetsklinikum Augsburg“ – (c) Eduard Martin (333027889)
„Handsome man with beard over white brick wall points finger at you with a confident expression“ – (c) luismolinero (266906673)
„Tafel mit Pro und Contra auf Weiss“ – (c) Gerhard Seybert (34378277)
„Kindergeld“ – (c) Marco2811 (77836652)
„Caucasian university student with glasses, backpack, joyful and carefree showing a peace symbol with fingers.“ – (c) Asier (612964264)
„Mann mit Seesternhut ist nichts peinlich“ – (c) Pegasus GmbH (649958464)
„Comedy Night Under The Spotlight: Laughs, Cheers, and An Unforgettable Performance“ – (c) C6 (676543781)
„Zombie horde. Zombie apocalypse scene. Generative “ – (c) ink drop (555682286)
„Kreuzworträtsel 02“ – (c) rotoGraphics (14232535)
„Portrait of father and son near color wall“ – (c) Pixel-Shot (276662747)
„Positive confident chief physician shaking hands with partners, sponsor, hiring new doctor after job interview. Happy recovered patient giving greeting handshake with thank, gratitude“ – (c) fizkes (655012827)
„Hello my name is, text words typography written on paper against blue background, life and business motivational inspirational“ – (c) airdone (406305886)
„Surprise African Woman Wear White Festive Dress Eats A Icecream On Pastel Background. Сoncept Surprising African Dress Styles, Ice Cream As A Unexpected Dessert, Pastel Hues In Fashion“ – (c) Ян Заболотний (639515394)
„Young hispanic man holding bottle with boiled potatoes smiling with an idea or question pointing finger with happy face, number one“ – (c) (467673083)
„frau im büro schreit laut“ – (c) contrastwerkstatt (114979870)
„Joyful farmer guy holding box with fresh vegetables in his hand, shows thumb up, wearing white t-shirt and red hat, healthy food concept, copy space“ – (c) South House Studio (638387339)
„The concept of a lot of work. Tired Indian student girl sleeping with stickers on her eyes while sitting at the table. Distracted woman in home office.“ – (c) YURII MASLAK (605961254)
„Creation of unique handmade greeting cards: unrecognizable woman sitting at wooden table and gluing paper flowers on cardboard, close-up shot“ – (c) DragonImages (198012445)
„Linkshänderin“ – (c) Fontanis (48144051)
„Confident red head male superhero wears mask and red cape, raises arms, shows muscles, represents power and courage, ready to defend people, has shocked expression, isolated on blue background“ – (c) Wayhome Studio (280828532)
„Young Asian female makes vulcan salute hand gesture, keeps arms raised and palms forward with extended thumbs, middle and ring fingers parted, greets you, says live long and prosper. Body language“ – (c) Wayhome Studio (284569248)
„Minded thoughtful tattooer master artist tattooed man wear green t-shirt apron prop up chin hold machine black ink in jar, equipment for making tattoo art on body isolated on plain beige background.“ – (c) ViDi Studio (594691622)
„Paduaner – Geflügelter Punker“ – (c) KARL70 (25679475)
„Question and answer, solving problem or business solution, ask for reply or idea to solve difficulty and trouble, FAQ concept, businessman hand holding question mark with other reply with lightbulb.“ – (c) Nuthawut (513892767)
„Erlangen, Germany“ – (c) Scirocco340 (25806141)